Video surveys & analysis

Nationwide Data Collection (NDC) is one of the largest video data collection service providers to traffic consultants in the UK and Ireland. We undertake video surveys on a daily basis which range in size from individual priority junctions to major motorway interchanges. Our camera systems are individually equipped and powered so that they can be installed virtually anywhere. NDC staff have developed unrivalled expertise in the specialist area of video data collection. We apply rigorous standards in the selection of appropriate equipment and the training of technical staff.

NDC video systems comprise of cameras mounted onto telescopic masts which are erected next to suitable items of street furniture. The equipment is secured using heavy duty straps with padlocks and chains to offer lateral support and to minimise the risk of malicious damage and theft.

It is important to stress that we do not clamp camera systems to lamp columns. No weight is loaded onto the street furniture, the telescopic masts stand on the ground, all loadings are therefore transferred to the pavement below. The cameras, once located, are viewed through monitors at ground level. The image can then adjusted to obtain the best possible view.

NDC routinely undertake vehicle registration surveys as part of area wide origin & destination surveys where vehicle routeing or journey time data needs to be identified.  We have developed ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) equipment and have successfully undertaken major projects over very large areas.  ANPR surveys can be very complex and require the use of specialised camera systems on site. The subsequent analysis of vehicle registration data can be very demanding, NDC has experienced data analysts capable of presenting information in the most suitable manner.  We have developed our own bespoke software to ensure survey reports are produced in accordance with the specified needs of the client.