Automatic traffic counts

Nationwide Data Collection (NDC) has an extensive stock of automatic traffic counters to enable us to cater for the most demanding requests from clients. We have dedicated technicians who are fully trained in the installation of traffic counters in accordance with the relevant Health & Safety and traffic management procedures.

NDC generally installs equipment manufactured by MetroCount. This enables us to provide clients with the widest possible choice of data that can be collected e.g. volumetric data, classified data, headway, gap, speed, binned data, vehicle by vehicle data etc. In addition to the extensive range of traffic counter equipment held by NDC we also have a comprehensive selection of data analysis packages which generally enable us to provide data reports that are tailored to clients precise requirements.

Health & Safety is a major concern where staff are employed to install equipment on the carriageway surface. NDC ensure all installation work is in accordance with current advice and guidelines especially those contained in the Traffic Signs Manual of the UK and Ireland.

Automatic traffic count projects undertaken on a routine basis can range from a single automatic traffic counter to projects involving several hundred traffic counter installations. All traffic counters are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the potential for gaps in data due to equipment failure is minimised and that an accurate and complete data set is obtained whenever possible.