Market research

Nationwide Data Collection (NDC) staff have undertaken many Market Research exercises in the UK & Ireland. The range of surveys NDC can provide includes direct interviews either at specified on-street locations or at strategic locations such as motorway service stations, shopping centres and sports arenas. We can also undertake telephone interviews and self-completion questionnaire distribution and analysis. Market Research tends to be both labour intensive and expensive to conduct. It is therefore essential that experienced staff are utilised in the planning and execution stage of the survey to ensure that accurate and reliable survey data is delivered within pre-determined timescales and budgets.

All Market Research is organised in accordance with the procedures and standards detailed in the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, the surveys are always overseen by senior staff who are members of the MRS. The safety of the interview staff is a prime concern when undertaking surveys of this nature, NDC has stringent procedures in place to minimise the risk to interviewers whilst operating on site.

All NDC Market Research staff receive a comprehensive briefing to ensure they are both familiar with the survey questions and the reasoning behind them. NDC staff are always of neat appearance and instructed to be polite at all times to members of the public. A comprehensive survey manual is always provided which clearly sets out the purpose of the survey and detailed instructions, including those relating to interpretation, for each question.